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Zanskar Home Solutions LLP

Zanskar Home Solutions LLP has been founded by a team of experienced individuals with over 10+ years in the water solutions industry and has a presence in 7+ cities & Live displays at 3 Experience Centers.

A gift from the Himalayas, the Zanskar River is a source of life, and a symbol of purity and never-ebbing energy. That’s the stuff Zanskar is made up of – Pure Performance.  

At a time of global change, Zanskar believes that water, air, and energy are integral to life and that these can and should be made accessible to everyone in their purest form and on a sustainable basis.  Zanskar’s mission is to bring pure performance in customer experience, product innovation, product design and quality.

 At Zanskar, everything revolves around the highest level of service from pre-sales to installation and after-sales be it online or offline. Zanskar’s products are not only aesthetically designed but are also high on convenience, efficiency, and performance. And like the mighty Zānskar river, above an under-current of strong performance Zanskar’s design is smooth and dynamic on the surface.

Zanskar’s products are designed in and for India with International certifications which speak the universal language of eternal balance- between form and function. Zanskar promises nothing but the most reliable and durable appliances and is driven by certain Core Values of Passion and Creativity, Customer Satisfaction, Environment Consciousness & Ethics.  

For more info visit: www.zanskar.in