Utility Water Filtration

3M™ Aqua-Pure™ IAS430SS

Whole House Scale Inhibition Water Treatment System

Overview :

The overall design of the scale inhibition system makes the installation and cartridge change-out easy for professionals. This Water Treatment System should be installed on the cold water supply line of the water heater or at point-of-entry of water into the home or light commercial application. The scale inhibition system helps extend the life of downstream water-using appliances such as water heaters (standard and tankless), clothes washers and dishwashing machines, as well as plumbing fixtures like faucets, pipes and shower heads by reducing scale build-up and corrosion.

Polyphosphates in minute concentrations of 2-3 ppm, effectively help prevent scale build-up by inhibiting the deposition of hardness minerals onto metallic surfaces. Polyphosphates also helps prevent corrosion by forming a thin protective layer on the metal surface. It is suitable for drinking and cooking water, and food applications.

Specifications :

Attribute Name Value
Applications Scale Inhibition
Diameter ( Inches) 2.75
Height( Inches) 10.25
Flow Rate ( LPM) 38
Inlet Outlet Size ( NPT inche) 3/4
Maximum Operating Temperature
Pressure Range ( Bar) 8.6
Replacement Interval ( Months) 6-12
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MRP   11,190
MRP GST Rate 18%