Utility Water Filtration

3M™ BWS 1.0

Backwash System

Overview :

A new age mesh-based filter brilliantly engineered to remove sand particles and other contaminants of large sizes upto 40 micron from the water entering your house. .Installed at the Point of Entry, this system intercepts and filters large particles such as sand and rust in the underground pipeline and water box, which may harm your water pipes and fixtures.

Benefits :

  • No consumables. Stainless steel mesh has a life of 5 years.
  • Does not use harsh chemicals.
  • Its “curtain effect” maximizes the surface area by 250% compared to traditional strainers.


Specifications :

Attribute Name Value
Micron Rating 40
Diameter ( Inches) 4.56
Height ( Inches) 8.9
Flow Rate ( LPM) 38
Inlet Outlet Size ( NPT) 1″
Replacement Interval Self Cleaning
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