Heat Pumps

Vaillant aroSTOR Heat Pump

Guilt free hot water with beauty and efficiency!

aroSTOR features:

  • Hot water temperature up to 60 °C in heat pump mode
  • Easy to install thanks to Plug & Play system
  • Simple and clear operation using the illuminated  display, with a pre-selector wheel on the operator  control panel
  • Legionella protection function for thermal sterilisation, heating the water to 60 °C (at 10:00 pm)
  • Easy to operate Control system for all three types of heat generation:  Heat pump mode, electric heater cartridge, auxiliary  heating

Cylinder and Coolant equipment features:

  • Enamelled domestic hot water cylinder
  • Magnesium protection anode to protect against corrosion
  • High-grade thermal insulation (85 mm PU rigid foam insulation) – very low /negible heat loss
  • Integrated electric back up heating element (1,5 kW)
  • Rotary sliding vane compressor
  • Thermostatic expansion valve
  • Efficient heat transfer with high operational safety thanks to large-area pipe coil condenser
  • R134a safety coolant (0,950 kg, chlorine-free, zero ozone depletion potential)

Application and Installation

  • Use in passive houses for hot water generation – Dehumidifies cellar spaces
  • Heat Recovery / Transfer from spaces within the House
  • An ideal replacement for old, directly heated domestic hot water cylinders
  • Simple Plug and Play
Picture3.png Ideal for:
Individual Homes
Large Apartments
Small Commercial Spaces

Specifications :

Specifications for the heat pump Unit aroSTOR VWL B
Tank Capacity 270
COP 3.14
Efficiency Class (Germany) A+
Rated Power kw 0.47
Heating Output kw 1.2
Back up heating element kw 1.50
Maximum Heating Output ( with back up) kw 3.15
Maximum Water Temperature Celcius 65
Operating Application Limits Celcius -7 to 45
Heat Up Delta per hour – Heat Pump Mode Celcius 6
Heat Up Delta per hour – with Back Up Celcius 11
Operating Noise dB(A) 52
Refrigerant type /weight R 290
Tapping cycle (in accordance with EN 16147) L 89
Outer diameter of the cylinder housing mm 634
Height mm 1783
Empty weight of the unit kg 68
Weight of the unit filled with water in a ready-tooperate condition kg 338
IP Rating IPX4
Voltage and frequency of the product’s power supply V/Hz 230 V-50Hz
Maximum amperage of the power supply circuit Amp 8
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Vaillant Arostor Heat Pump Installation manual 1 MB Download
Vaillant Arostor Heat Pump Leaflet 317 KB Download
Vaillant Arostor Heat Pump Operating manual 828 KB Download
Vaillant AROSTOR Specs and Dimensions 119 KB Download


 Model aroSTOR
 MRP  Rs. 3,49,000.00