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Heat Pump: Yours and the Environment’s best friend

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Heat Pump: Yours and the Environment’s best friend

Winter is on its way and we have to prepare ourselves for the cold season, or else we
are going to end up shivering and rubbing palms. The best thing you can do is add a
heat pump in your arsenal for fighting the cold weather as it will provide you with hot
water throughout your home. It is a great solution to all your hot water-related problems
because of its efficiency and energy-friendly operations.

What is a Heat Pump?

The air to water heat pump absorbs heat from the air at a low temperature, and the fluid
passes through a compressor where the temperature is increased and then transfers
this higher temperature heat to the heating and hot water points of the house.
It is an ideal solution for any home, be it small or big. A heat pump can suffice your
need for hot water, be it on a large scale or small scale. It can provide you with hot
water at all the places with maximum energy savings. What makes heat pump heaters
the go-to choice is that they are three times more efficient than standard electric water
heaters and up to four times more efficient than conventional gas water heaters.

Benefits of installing a Heat Pump in your home

Below discussed are a few reasons why a heat pump is the best option for you as well
as the environment.

1. Lower Running Costs

Heat pumps are ideal when you want a heating solution that won't make a hole in your
pocket by maximizing energy costs. They are cheaper to run than systems based on
combustion. Because of its environment-friendly operations, it gives you excellent
performance and highest possible savings on energy expenses in the long run.

2. Less Maintenance

You don't need to keep worrying about the maintenance of your heat pump regularly
after installing it as heat pumps require less maintenance than the combustion heating
systems. Only once a year, you need to check on some details of the system. The best
thing is that you can do it by yourself too, which can also save up on some plumbing
expenses. But you must contact a professional installer in three or five years for a
complete checkup.

3. Lesser Carbon Emissions

The heat pump is yours as well as the environment's best friend as it uses up to 80%
energy and reduces the carbon emission with an efficient conversion rate of energy to

4. Long Life-Span

Once installed, you don't have to worry about changing your heat pump regularly as it
has a long life-span of up to 15-20 years. Heat pumps are a reliable and steady source
of heat, and this makes it a perfect choice for residential use.
The above-listed benefits of the heat pump indicate that it is a wise investment in the
long run as it will take care of your hot water needs as well as the environment. Also,
being an energy-efficient, smart, and reliable solution, it saves you from high energy
bills and maintenance expenses.

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