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How does a Heat Pump work?

December 28, 2020 0 comment
How does a Heat Pump work?

Are you looking for a smarter, convenient, and efficient heating solution that will save you
from the cold weather and also from excessive expenses like high electricity bills, plumbing
expenses, maintenance costs, etc? We have the answer to your question.
Yes, the air-to-water heat pump is the ideal solution to all your hot water-related problems.
But not many know how a heat pump works and this has been a barrier in the buying
process. So, below are the processes of how a heat pump works to make it simpler for you
to understand the working of an air to water heat pump.

Cycle1- Collects environmental heat

Environmental heat is conducted via a collector system, through which antifreeze flows and
the heat is drawn.

Cycle 2- Raise the temperature

A refrigerant is circulated which absorbs the heat, boils, and vaporizes. Then the
compressor compresses the steam and raises the temperature and this heat is passed to
the heating circuit.

Cycle3- Use the heat that is generated

With the heat gained you can heat the water and get hot water throughout your home for
showering, kitchen purpose, and so on.

Cycle4- Restart the process for a continuous supply of hot water

The refrigerant has passed on its heat and turned into liquid again. So, the liquid is passed
on to the expansion valve where the temperature drops and the refrigerant can absorb the
heat again.

This process of an air to water heat pump makes it a very efficient and smarter water
heating solution as it is environment friendly as well as pocket friendly. So next time when
you want a water heating solution, make sure you install a heat pump at your place be it
residential or commercial, air to a water heat pump will be the best buying option.
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