Heat Pumps

A.O. Smith – CAHP 10HP

Residential & Light Commercial Heat Pumps


  • Smart Control to avoid cold water mixing
  • Energy Saving
  • Power of memory
  • Auxillary heater
  • Refrigerant R410a


  1. Residential –Individual Homes/Villas
  2. No of bathrooms- 10-20
  3. Commercial – Restaurants /Cafes, Gyms/Spas or hotels/guest houses


Specifications :

Model CAHP-MC-38 (10HP) CAHP-MC-19 (5HP)
Power Supply 380V 3N ~ 50Hz 380V 3N ~ 50Hz
Voltage Range 380V +/-10% 380V +/-10%
Rated Heating Capacity(1) 38kW 19.8kW
Rated Water Flow(1) 109 LPM 57LPM
Rated Power Unit(1) 10.3kW 6.02kW
Rated Operation Current(1) 18.6A 11.0A
Max. Power Input 13.2kW 6.8kW
Max. Operation Current 23.3A 11.7A
Operation Noise (2) 65dB(A) 60dB(A)
Refrigerant/Quantity R410a/6.2Kg R410a/2.8Kg
Refrigerant Side High Side 4.2Mpa 4.4Mpa
Design Pressure Low Side 3.1Mpa 3.1Mpa
Water Side Pressure Drop(3) 1.0Mpa 1.0Mpa
Water Connection Size DN 40 (|R1 1/2″) DN 32 (|R1 1/4″)
Water Proof Glass IPX4 IPX4
Net Weight 287kg 170kg
Dimension (L x W x H) 1020 x 846 x 1840 mm 719 x 761 x 1160 mm

Note :

  • Rated Condition: Ambient temperature 20/15°C (dry/wet bulb), water temperature 47/52°C (inlet/outlet).
  • Sound Pressure value at one meter
  • Measured at the rate of flow
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